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Company Policy

Order Limits

Due to the limited nature of our collections and the high demand, there may be order limits put in place on our site on launch days, varying from inventory & household caps. These limits may differ from launch to launch, and will be posted on our

Making More to Suit Demand

Due to the hand-made nature of our fibers, dying and hand-knitting processes, we are limited on what we can make for every collection. Lead times are quite long and we plan our seasonal purchases significantly in advance because of this. In most

Second Hand Market

We are sincerely amazed by the response Misha & Puff has received in the second hand market. We’ve watched the resale market grow alongside our business, and we love the enthusiasm our community has for our work! We continue to scale our production

Knitting Patterns

You can purchase all available Misha & Puff patterns here. We are unable to provide additional commercial patterns for items on our site, and do not have plans to expand this collection in the near future. All Misha & Puff designs

Bots and Automated Shopping Tools

Our aim is to get our heirloom products in as many hands as possible. Any automation software used to create an unfair advantage when checking out is not permitted and we reserve the right to cancel

Customer Service Policy

We are committed to respond to your questions and issues within 48 hours, but this can vary at times of extremely high volumes. Please note our business hours are 9-5 EDT Mondays through Fridays. Emails received on Fridays and over the weekend will

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