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How Back in Stock Alerts WorkUpdated a year ago

Our Back In Stock program notifies people who signed up earliest first.

Those who have been waiting the longest for an item are notified first as one batch of notifications. If the product is still in stock after the first batch, another batch goes out to those who were waiting next longest and that continues until no inventory is left for that specific item. Once someone has been notified, they are removed from the line and will have to sign up again for alert for that item, being placed at the back of the line again.

Why don't you notify all people that are waiting in one batch?

There are a couple reasons we don't do this.

  1. People who have wanted this item for a long time will have priority.
  2. Theoretically if we got 5 sweaters back in stock, to email 1,000 people at the same time would not make a lot of sense. 995 of those people would get emails and then open the product page to see that it's not in stock.
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