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Pre-Cart OverviewUpdated 10 months ago

Pre-Cart is a completely different and separate cart than the regular checkout process. You must make sure you check out with your Pre-Cart through the tab on the side of your screen.

Once a collection launches, you will not be able to add more items to this cart. If you want to purchase other items you can do that through the normal cart.

You will be able to remove items before you go to checkout, but you cannot add any more items or edit any sizes. Make sure to make all of your sizing and color decisions before the collection launches!

When the timer runs out the checkout button will be enabled. Click this button to go to checkout with what is in your Pre-Cart.

To purchase additional items after launch, you must use your regular cart. 

Important note: Your regular cart will NOT have the preview items you have selected from the collection.

Remember, the two carts are not connected and have separate checkout processes.

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