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RestocksUpdated 2 years ago

If a product you were hoping to purchase is unavailable, we strongly advise that you sign up for Back in Stock Alerts!

This is the first place you will be notified if there is a size that comes back or a restock. If the item you're coveting is out of stock, select your size and choose Email Me When Available.

Restocks typically go up on our website due to returns coming back, or additional shipments coming in from Peru! These shipments arrive at our warehouse, and are typically processed within 24 to 72 hours. Upon processing, these restocks will begin appearing on the website as the inventory is synced, which can be at any point during this time period.

We wish that this could happen a perfect time for all of our customers, but a time that is convenient for some people in one country may be the middle of the night in another country! Instead, we operate on what our warehouse feels is an appropriate time for our tech systems.

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