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TaxesUpdated 2 years ago

How We Calculate Taxes

Misha & Puff charges taxes based on state regulations.

Taxes are calculated according to state rules, exemptions and thresholds.

Tax Refunds

Taxes are non-refundable under any circumstances except cancellations. Change of shipping address will still require taxes to be paid for the original shipment location.

Taxes for Orders Shipping to New Jersey

Misha & Puff is required to collect taxes in any state, county, or city where we have a tax presence or a “nexus.” In the case of the state of New Jersey, we collect taxes because we ship from that state. Tax amounts are complex calculations with changing rules which is why we have a best-in-class partner, Avalara, whom we use to calculate taxes. If you have any questions regarding how a tax was calculated, please feel free to reach out to them directly.

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